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e-tourism: what’s new in the hospitality industry?

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Benchmark Synthesis


Hotelier Pure Players (Booking, Hotels.com etc.) are the most successful, having a complete and easy to use search tool, enabling customers to be guided and informed during the entire booking process. Finally, their multi channel approach (social networks and mobile applications) is the most accomplished, which strengthen customers’ loyalty. These advantages make Pure Players extremely competitive in the accommodation market.

Hotel Chains have to get out of a descriptive pattern, only focusing on the product. As a result, they have to make efforts to make web users’ search easier, by guiding them in their choice in a more precise way (customer comments addition and increase of refining criteria especially on the search results page).

To finish with, Tour Operators seem to have to fill out their online channels in order to make the offers purchase easier and more practical.

Benchmark Perimeter


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